Usain Bolt Could Lose One Of His 2008 Beijing Olympics Medals

Usain Bolt could be about to lose one of the three gold medals that he won while competing in the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

While he himself has seemingly done nothing wrong, a recent re-testing of 454 samples has shown that Nesta Carter – one of Usain’s teammates in the 4 x 100m relay – hadMethylhexanamine in his system.

All competitors must, however, provide two samples – an “A” sample and a “B” sample, and so far, only Carter’s “A” sample has been tested. If his “B” sample comes back negative for Methylhexanamine (and other banned substances), the team won’t face any sanctions.

If, however, it comes back positive, then the whole team (Michael Frater, Asafa Powell, Carter and Bolt) will more than likely lose their gold medals.

Back in 2008, they ran the relay in37.10 seconds, setting a world record (whichBolt,Michael Frater and Nesta Carter have since beaten, running the race in 36.85 seconds with Yohan Blake).

Hopefully, Carter’s 2008 “B” sample will come back negative, and the team will be able to keep their hard-earned medals.

Source: BBC

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