5th-Grade Gentleman Writes His Sweetheart A Mature And Touching Love Letter

I think that for every parent, theres a moment of What?! when they realize that their kids are starting to develop crushes.

Its not that you didnt see it coming, its just that the phase of like-liking, and crushing, and playground boyfriends always arrive before youre totally ready for it.

Kids of all ages develop crushes. Its a part of growing up that we all experience, and it helps kids to practice dealing with big emotions long before they find themselves in a more serious romantic situation down the line.

How parents respond to their little ones crushes can have a major influence on kids who are just trying to work it all out, as we saw with the little boy who asked to take his best friend on a date after he saw Mom and Dad getting ready to go out.

Now, another similarly charming story is making waves on the internet after a kindhearted fifth-grade boy decided to show his girlfriend just how much he really cares with a simple, affectionate gesture.

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Courtesy of Brandi Lanclos

Cole and Sherri are a pair of fifth graders from Montgomery, TX.

Last year, Cole developed a crush on Sherri, and as a gentleman does, asked her out on a date to Homecoming.

From there, their friendship blossomed, and the duo have now been sweethearts for about a year.

Courtesy of Nicole Rodriguez

According to Buzzfeed News, thekids’ families get dinner together every now and then, and Sherri and Cole go to one another’s sports games to cheer from the sidelines.

Cole plays competitive baseball, and Sherri is on the competitive soccer team, so they’re both talented athletes who work hard for their respective sports.

In fact, this past week, Sherri’s love of her sport had scary consequences. She was playing during a soccer game when she tore her ACL.

Courtesy of Nicole Rodriguez

It’s a devastating injury for anyone, child or adult, andis notoriously painful.

Sherri, like many pro athletes before her, had to have surgery to repair the damage, and will no doubt need physical therapy as the injury heals.

For the moment, itmeans that Sherri will be supporting her team from the bench until her knee heals.

Courtesy of Brandi Lanclos

Fortunately, Sherri has a very thoughtful young man in her life to support her during this tough time.

Cole told his mom, Brandi, that he wanted to write Sherri a letter to show her how much he cares about her, and that he’ll be there supporting her while she gets better.

The letter reads:

Dear Sherri,

I’m so sorry that you broke your knee. I will miss watching you play soccer, and I’m sorry that you wont be able to play softball for a while. But I know you will heal quickly, and I will get to watch you play again soon. Although you cant play sports, you still make my day when I get to see your beautiful smile.

God has a plan for all of us, and sometimes [it’s] hard for us to understand why [things] happen to us. My dad tells me that God only allows things to happen that he knows we can handle.

You are a pretty, nice, funny, and strong girl that is also a good friend. You will get through this quickly.

Please let me know how I can help during your recovery. I hope you recover fast and get well soon.

Your friend,


Courtesy of Nicole Rodriguez

That letter alone is enough to melt our hearts “You still make my day when I get to see your beautiful smile.”

Still, Cole wasn’t done demonstrating his chops as a caring and supportive beau.

He showed up at Sherri’s soccer practice to hand deliver the letter.

Courtesy of Nicole Rodriguez

Sweet Cole also brought Sherri a cookie cake and a teddy bear to help cheer her through her recovery. Who could resist?

There are probably some grown men who could learn a few things from watching this thoughtful young man work hard to make Sherri happy at such a tough time.

Sherri’s mom Nicole tells LittleThings, “Sherri and Cole have a real friendship, they trust each other and genuinely care about one another. It truly is a blessing to know that they have each other to count on during the hard times.”

Courtesy of Brandi Lanclos

These two certainly seem to have a great connection and a friendship that can weather most anything.

And after reading the sweet sentiments in Cole’s note, we can’t help but agree. We hope Sherri heals well and that these two are back to cheering at each other’s games soon!

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