BASC Peter White Bursary Scheme to assist Coaches and Officials

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BASC Peter White Bursary Scheme to assist Coaches and Officials

The British Athletics Supporters’ Club (BASC) is looking to assist Coaches and Officials with bursaries, through the ‘BASC Peter White Bursary Scheme’.Â

BASC will award sums of up to £250 ‘in their pursuit of higher standards possibly, but not exclusively, by attendance on a course run by UKA’. In return the club will expect them to keep BASC members updated on their progress.Â

Previously BASC have also awarded bursaries for equipment to support their role and important travel expenses – so if you aren’t sure, please apply!

Those interested should write to by 31st August 2015, explaining why they should receive a bursary. The selection will be at the discretion of the BASC directors.

Chris Childs is an official who applied for a BASC Peter White Bursary earlier this year. Chris wanted the bursary to enable her to buy a Mi-Pro portable PA system, which is easy to take to meetings and move around the track for each event.

She said, "I was always interested in being an athletics official as I’m a master’s athlete with Dartford Harriers AC and I know how important it is to have volunteers provide their time so that athletics meetings go ahead. There aren’t that many lady starters but I’ve been fortunate enough to benefit from the encouragement and advice of John Freeman, David Ralph and many others in Kent. One point of difference between the ladies and men is the ability the make your voice carry over distances without becoming shrill. The portable PA system enables me keep a calm voice for all commands and is better for athletes on the line and helps keep them relaxed before the gun."

Field Judge Marc Ritchie decided to attend the UK Athletics Officials Conference with his bursary. This was his first UK Athletics conference and allowed him to travel from Scotland to Warwick to meet and interact with new and familiar officials about officiating issues across the UK Athletics domain.Â

He said, "The opportunity to meet and talk to new officials was a great opportunity to make new friendships but also discuss our officiating experiences and the opportunities and meetings available to officials -irrespective of age- across the UK and beyond. To have the opportunity to engage and interact alongside both new and familiar officials, whilst discussing athletics officiating was a worthwhile experience that I hope to attend at next years’ UK Athletics Officials Conference."

The recipients last year were:

  • Sam Bass-Cooper
  • Peter Mullervy
  • Chris Childs
  • Marc Ritchie
  • Jacob Hood

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